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In December last year our online Editor Darin Mandy attended the PRI Performance Racing Industry trade show, it was a real eye-opener, one of the best if not the best motorsport trade shows in the world. Little did we know that soon after our world would come to a grinding halt. 

As a result of his visit, and as a guest judge for their Global Media Awards we now receive all of their updated media releases with world motorsport trends. 

International Luncheon round-table with fellow media at PRI – Photo: Velocity Magazine

This week we received a special report about Crisis Management in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, especially for those involved in the motorsport industry.

“This is a great read, whilst its aimed at the US Motorsport Industry its very pertinent to the Australasian Industry too” says Darin.

We have been granted permission to reproduce an excerpt of the full story which you can read below, plus a link to the full article on the PRI website.  Thanks to the team at PRI for this very special permission.

Welcome breakfast with 2000+ Motorsport Industry delegates – Photo: Velocity Magazine

Special Report: Crisis Management

How motorsports shops and suppliers are responding to a novel coronavirus that is rewriting many businesses’ rulebooks.  By David Bellm

We were all ready to race. Schedules for the 2020 season were set. Cars were prepped. Trailers were stocked and loaded. America had entered a long period of sustained economic growth, and times were good.

Then came the coronavirus.

By the middle of March, most businesses had shut their doors, entire racing series were halted, and millions of people throughout the nation were locked out of their offices and relegated to working in bedrooms, studies, and kitchens amid the din of children, spouses, and fast-food deliveries.

Our whole world had been flipped and spun into the wall.

But we had to continue. That’s what racers do.

The emotions, attitudes, and needs of people swept up in this crisis are as varied as the people themselves. Some have cautiously inched along as best they can, using recommended means of protection to limit their risk and give them at least slight peace of mind. Others have largely disregarded the crisis and pushed ahead unfazed, with little concern for mitigating measures.

To get a handle on these widely varied responses and how they’re reshaping the racing and performance industry, we recently reached out to a number of shops and suppliers. Their thoughts on the crisis and how they’re dealing with it offer illuminating insight on how varied our industry really is.

And how resilient, too.

For the full story, please click here



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