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Don’t want to miss out on a Velocity Motorsport Magazine?  Want to get quality well written articles relevant to your love of motorsport, not just race reports?  Then you should subscribe to Velocity Motorsport Magazine.



Velocity can only be purchased directly from our website here or at the tracks we go to.

Australia’s leading bi-monthly motorsport magazine. Unlike some publications who believe they can cover the sport from an office, we pride ourselves on getting out in the field. Run by a team of experts, headed by experienced photographers John Morris and Darin Mandy, Velocity Magazine strives to produce compelling, insightful and original content.

With an Australian focus, the publication covers all corners of the motor sport world from the upper echelons to grass roots. Published bi-monthly, the magazine offers top shelf content giving you access to the work of some of the leading journalists and photographers in the business.

12 months subscription is for 6 issues of Velocity Motorsport Magazine (12 months from the time of your first issue)

Cost is $55 plus $15 postage and handling.

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