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We are in between Supercars events and a week away from the next Shannons Nationals round featuring the new TCR Australia class, so we’ve been looking at our website and Facebook stats and found that the photo Darin captured of Lee Holdsworth at the Perth SuperNight from the Barbagallo Raceway event went somewhat viral.

So with this in mind we thought we run some stats for you, plus pick Darin’s brain about the photo.

Here is the Facebook stats for that photo.

Reach:   20,500+ people across Facebook
Engagements: 3,500 people (those that actually did something like, like it or share or comment)
Reactions: 515 thumbs up, hearts or Open Eyes 🙂
Shared: 110 times
Link Clicks: 95
Other Clicks: 920

“Without a doubt the best place for us to shoot at the Perth SuperNight was the exit of the final turn where the cars tend to mount the curb” says Darin.  “We knew there would be some spark action before we even got there, there has been before, but we were really surprised by just how much”.

“Friday night I was on the inside of the turn and we were getting some pretty cool shots” see below.  “But Saturday night was when I captured that photo of Holdsworth, it was pretty much half race distance I think and I was about to move to another place to shoot and get ready for the podium on the inside of the track.”

One of Darin’s shots from the inside of the final turn at Barbagallo Raceway.


“I carry two cameras with me most times, the Canon 1DXII has the 100-400 L series lens on it, its a very versatile lens for most of the tracks in Australia, the second camera I run either a Fish-eye lens or the L series 24-70 and on an older Canon 7D mk1.  On Saturday night I had the 24-70 on and also a flash, so I was shooting some ultra slow shots with the flash going off as well.  Some of the cars had highly reflective writing on them and the flash would bring these up.  But in the case of the spark photo it actually failed to fire (I don’t think it had recharged from the previous image) here are the image camera settings.”

1/5 sec shutter speed
ISO 100

“I don’t actually remember seeing it happen through the camera, it happened so fast, it wasn’t till a minute or two later when I was reviewing the photos on the camera that I saw it, and immediately new it was a pretty cool photo.” 

“There has been little post production on it, I ran it through the usual sharpening and saturation, but thats about it, and not much of that either, and its not been cropped by much if at all.”

We shared the image on Instagram where it got plenty of likes, and Lee Holdsworth contacted us about using it on Instagram as well.  He shared it and it got over 1800 likes (by far his most popular photo on there) with comments from other Supercar drivers like, Scott Mclaughlin and Will Davison.



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??pic from the weekend ?? #vasc #perth #mustang #ford #supercars ….. ?@velocitymotorsportmagazine

A post shared by Lee Holdsworth (@leehold5worth) on

We saw comments on Velocity’s Facebook page like:

Luke Seaton “New supercars aero testing … hey someone had to say it lol ?‍♂️?”
Kurtis Youd “Who needs a wind tunnel”
Chris Parker “Goin into WarpDrive !! The forth is strong !!!???”
Chad Neylon “This is seriously something else. Wow”
Mike Cantwell “Stuff me mushrooms!!! What a great image! Well done :)”
Robert Yates “This is possibly the best motorsport photo I’ve ever seen.”
Martin Hansson “Did he by any chance keep it at just 88mph?”

The team at Velocity Magazine, albeit a small one, love what we do, and we also love the support we get from drivers and teams, along with our fans and LIKERS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, thank you to everyone that takes the time to comment and follow us.  This photo will of course feature in our next edition of our glossy magazine number #33 in a few weeks.

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For all our news keep your eyes peeled on the Velocity Magazine website and social media, FacebookTwitter and Instagram for our daily updates and to get the latest edition of our glossy magazine subscribe here from just $55 for 12 months subscription.

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