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MEDIA RELEASE/Brad Jones Racing – Photo: supplied

The Brad Jones Racing Pizza Hut Camaro has been transformed into an incredible show of Wiradjuri strength for the Repco Supercars Championship Indigenous Round at the Darwin Triple Crown (June 16-18).

Albury local Macauley Jones will carry the Wiradjuri artworks from the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation (MAC), who provide services to the Indigenous community across Albury and Northeast Victoria. 

MAC worked with a group of Elders in their Planned Activity Group to produce bespoke designs for the Pizza Hut Camaro that held special meaning to the region.

BJR and MAC have worked closely together to take the incredible artwork created by the Elders group and apply it to a Supercar.

The ‘Googar’ (Goanna) is featured on Jones’ Supercar, the symbol being one of the main totems for the Wiradjuri people.

The totem represents finding one’s strength both on a physical and emotional plane, something that Jones himself is well accustomed with. 

Jones is a well-trained athlete regularly competing in ultra-trail running and other similar events, and was even a Guinness World Record holder for completing the most burpees in one hour in 2019. 

Along the side of the #96 is also three blue lines, symbolising the Murray River which separates the twin towns of Albury-Wodonga. 

The two meeting places are represented by the large symbol on top of the car and the smaller circles within circles on top of the boot and near the rear guard.

More of the incredible Wiradjuri land is represented by the green and blue arches symbolising the majestic hills that surround the border towns.  

The incredible design has been applied to Jones’ car with 3M film and thanks to PPG paint. 

MAC aims to provide culturally appropriate services and to connect and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to become more confident, take control of all aspects of their life and create pathways to a better future.

Macauley Jones
Supercar driver, #96 Camaro
“It’s been a great experience working with the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation to produce these designs, their Elders group has done an amazing job and I’m quite humbled to be able to race with their artwork on the car.

“I’ve grown up in Wiradjui country and in my opinion it’s some of the most incredible landscapes in Australia. Being able to carry that in the Indigenous round means a lot to me. 

“The Pizza Hut Camaro looks amazing and having the Googar totem with us in Darwin can only be a good thing.” 

Carl Tunstall
Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation
“Chris Westwood, General Manager for Brad Jones Racing, contacted Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation in mid-April to see if we would like to be a part of designing the Indigenous design livery for BJR’s cars. After having a think about which MAC program should design the Indigenous livery, the Planned Activity Group (PAG), which is a social group for our local Elders that promotes physical activity, cognitive stimulation, good nutrition, emotional wellbeing, and social inclusion, was the main choice, as it aligns with this year’s NAIDOC theme – “For Our Elders”.
“Over the next few Planned Activity Group meetings, the Elders worked on the design, with a few of the Elders expressing to MAC staff that they had “a new lease on life” after being given to opportunity to participate in this project. All the Elders who participated in the project are excited to see the final results of their work.
“Giving the Planned Activity Group the car’s colour scheme by providing them with photos of Brad Jones Racing’s Pizza Hut Camaro, they knew straight away that a Googar-themed design for the car was suitable.   

“MAC, along with the participants of MAC’s Planned Activity Group is very thankful to Brad Jones Racing for giving the organisation the opportunity to work together to design the Indigenous design livery for their cars.”      

Simon Stocks
Pizza Hut , Director of Marketing and Digital
“We are truly honoured and humbled to showcase the Wiradjuri artworks from the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation on our Brad Jones Racing Pizza Hut Camaro for the Indigenous Round. This collaboration is a meaningful representation of Wiradjuri strength and demonstrates our commitment to celebrating and supporting Indigenous communities.”


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