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MEDIA RELEASE/Valvoline Raceway – Photo: Velocity Magazine

We are all living in uncertain times at the moment and trying to manage our recreations in an ever-increasing changing environment of Covid-19 rules, restrictions and regulations.

All sports and venues are bound by any number of varying restrictions as to how they can operate their activities depending on criteria under the COVID Industry Safety Plan.

Valvoline Raceway is no different to any other venue and is governed by the Community Sport Public Health Order updated on the 28th July, found on the NSW Government Office of Sport’s Coronavirus update site.

Whilst Barry and Felicity are committed to have racing commence this season given the emotion around it being the last season of the venue’s operation, the current restrictions under the order make it financially unviable to operate.

Border closures, regional restrictions, participant number restrictions, medical personnel, all play a part of allowing competitors, spectators, volunteers and staff to be part of a race meeting.

Whilst restrictions are being constantly reviewed so will the season for Valvoline Raceway.

Given the current restrictions it is expected at this stage racing would not commence until restrictions are greatly reduced which is estimated would not be until Jan 2021.

Therefore, the season will be postponed at this stage until then with a review in November as previously mentioned.

Should restrictions be relaxed prior to this date an immediate review will take place with plenty of notice given to everyone prior to going racing, which will also allow the sourcing of necessary personnel ie. medical.

How the season will look once started will be part of the review, and all clubs will be involved in the process and once finalised – a new calendar will be released for public knowledge.

To get the venue up and running takes time, and a number of external suppliers and operators along with race teams, volunteers, race divisions and staff all need sufficient notice to be ready. It is expected that once a start date is imminent, then a couple of practice days prior would be scheduled and then the racing would commence.

Whilst management know it is frustrating for all involved, please understand that it is the intention of all involved with Valvoline Raceway to have the season get started and
continue until the final ever meeting at the venue.

Once we get racing, things may look completely different to what we are used to, however once it can be done safely and viably the season will get under way.

In the meantime, please stay safe and watch for the November update when hopefully a clearer view on when we can get back to what we all love will be closer.


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