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Alex Peroni AUS GP


MEDIA Q&A/FIA Formula 3 – Photo: Velocity Magazine (John Morris) AUS F1 GP 2019


This new feature explores the alternate side to our racing drivers. What’s always in their fridge? What do they do in their spare time? What’s on their bucket list? The drivers simply have to roll a set of dice and answer questions that link to the numbers they roll.

Australian Alex Peroni is up first…

Q: Who is your idol?

In motorsport at the moment it is Danny Ricc (Daniel Ricciardo). I think that because of the way that he drives in the car and how he shows himself off the track he is an idol in every sense. Ayrton Senna as well, and Michael Schumacher. Senna was obviously before my time, but I grew up watching Schumacher and ever since I was young I’ve wanted to be like him.

Q: What items are always in your fridge?

Firstly, Sriracha hot chilli sauce, which isn’t really in the fridge, but is definitely in my kitchen and needs a mention. Then, eggs and milk.

Q: What couldn’t you live without?

My friends. It’s a standard answer, but I definitely couldn’t live without them.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

Probably eating unhealthily. Obviously I try my best throughout the week to eat healthy foods, but sometimes you have to. Fast food is probably the main source, and usually a McDonalds, you can’t beat their burger and chips. KFC is good as well. That is my guilty pleasure, I have to admit.

Q: If you weren’t a racing driver, what would you be?

I would probably still be working in motorsport, because it is the only thing that I am really passionate about and good at. Something around engineering, or within the team management structure would be fun, because that’s where my passion is. I think that as a driver it helps to know what is going on in the car, because then you can get a better understanding of what you want from the car and what the engineers are doing. I think that you need some knowledge and obviously the more you have, the better. By having that knowledge, we can ask for specific changes on the car, either mechanically or aerodynamically. When I am not racing, I try and study the car and its components.

FIA Formula 3 – Barcelona Race – Alex Peroni – Photo: Dutch Photo Agency (Peroni FB)


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