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The support classes had a very full day today with qualifying and racing for the Porsche Carrera Cup, Kumho V8s and the Toyota 86’s – the Aussie Racing Cars had their qualifying on Friday, in lieu of missing the first Friday session due to thick fog the pocket rockets elected to drop race four and use race ones time slot as qualifying.

Porsche Carrera Cup

First up for the one make series today was their 20 minute qualifying which saw Dale Wood set the pace for pole with a 1:30.646 which was a new lap record.  Dylan O’Keeffe was second with the championship leader Jaxon Evans in third.

The first of only two races for the Porsche Series this weekend the 25 lap 101km race saw Wood lead from lights out to flag fall ahead of Alex Davison whom also stayed in the position for the entire race, O’Keefe banked third spot from Evans.


1 Dale Wood (VIC) 1:32.9716
2 Alex Davison (QLD) 1:32.8027
3 Dylan O’Keeffe (VIC) 1:32.8070
4 Jaxon Evans (QLD) 1:32.8438
5 David Wall (NSW) 1:33.0168
6 Jordan Love (WA) 1:32.9188
7 Michael Almond (TBC) 1:32.9845
8 Nick McBride (VIC) 1:33.0588
9 Peter Major (WA) 1:33.4176
10 Max Twigg (VIC) 1:33.5815

Two races for the Porsche Series this weekend the 25 lap 101km – Photo: Darin Mandy

Aussie Racing Cars

The Aussie Cars had two races today, the first saw Kel Treseder on top after a great battle with Justin Ruggier and Joel Hienrich, with the two later swapping positions throughout the race with Treseder leading for the full 8 laps, Ruggier was finally able to keep Hienrich at bay at the chequered flag.

The second race for the pocket rockets was a top 10 reverse grid affair, Charlotte Poynting and Leigh Bowler lead off the line, Bowler got the jump and lead the first lap before Treseder made his way through from 10th to take the lead on lap two and then gap the field by three seconds at the end of the race.  In second spot was Hienrich from Kyle Ensbey.

Race One Top Ten

1 75 KKP Motorsport Kel Treseder (QLD) 1:46.0398
2 8 Western Sydney Motorsport Justin Ruggier (NSW) 1:45.8027
3 16 Osborns Transport Joel Heinrich (SA) 1:46.0888
4 4 Variety Group Brendon Tucker (QLD) 1:46.5944
5 36 RDA Brakes / Perenso Joshua Anderson (NSW) 1:46.5423
6 68 Western Sydney Motorsport Blake Sciberras (NSW) 1:47.6821
7 25 Motorsport 25 Reece Chapman (NSW) 1:48.3350
8 35 RDA Brakes / Perenso Darren Chamberlin (NSW) 1:48.1013
9 52 Western Sydney Motorsport Charlotte Poynting (NSW) 1:48.5505
10 11 Supergroups Conplex Constructi Leigh Bowler (VIC) 1:47.8958

Race Two Top Ten

1 75 KKP Motorsport Kel Treseder (QLD) 1:46.1800
2 16 Osborns Transport Joel Heinrich (SA) 1:47.1452
3 21 Your Print Group Kyle Ensbey (QLD) 1:47.2059
4 36 RDA Brakes / Perenso Joshua Anderson (NSW) 1:46.9074
5 68 Western Sydney Motorsport Blake Sciberras (NSW) 1:47.3305
6 25 Motorsport 25 Reece Chapman (NSW) 1:47.4994
7 11 Supergroups Conplex Constructi Leigh Bowler (VIC) 1:47.5456
8 35 RDA Brakes / Perenso Darren Chamberlin (NSW) 1:48.7851
9 15 Lustre Bar Melbourne Adam Clark (VIC) 1:48.1628
10 72 Western Sydney Motorsport Craig Thompson (NSW) 1:49.2872

Aussie Racing Cars
Kel Treseder won both Aussie Racing Car races today – Photo: Darin Mandy

Toyota 86 Series

The 86’s – all 39 of them had qualifying first up for the day, luckily Phillip Island is a long flowing circuit, this would give the field some space to bank a good qualifying lap, however during the session there were a number of close calls as everyone vie’d for the fastest lap.  Liam McAdam (QLD) managed to do this with a lap time of 1:51.714 under the lap record.  Second fastest was Tim Brook (NSW) from Tasmanian Adam Gowans.

In the race McAdam continued his dominance over the class field and lead for the full duration of 8 laps, fighting his way through to second was Jaylyn Robotham and coming home in third spot was Brook.

Race One Top 10

1 97 Liam McAdam Motorsport Liam McAdam (QLD) 1:52.4908
2 29 Melbourne City Toyota Jaylyn Robotham (VIC) 1:52.5371
3 34 McLaren Real Estate Macarthur Tim Brook (NSW) 1:52.3823
4 60 Cam Walton Racing Cam Walton (NSW) 1:52.4930
5 8 John Iafolla Racing John Iafolla (NSW) 1:52.7009
6 7 Clintons Toyota / Plus Fitness Cameron Crick (NSW) 1:52.7298
7 48 Auto Approve / Wilson Security Nic Carroll (VIC) 1:52.9055
8 2 Valvoline Gowans Racing Adam Gowans (TAS) 1:52.7677
9 74 Pulse Racing / Zen Garage Trent Grubel (NSW) 1:53.0501
10 9 AISIN Products Luke King (NSW) 1:52.8448

Liam McAdam lead from start to finish in the 86 race – Photo: Darin Mandy

Kumho V8s

The Kumho class also had a qualifying session and one race today,  Brad Jones Racing’s Jack Smith set the pace early and took pole following behind were the two Matt White Racing Falcon FG’s of Tyler Everingham and Zak Best.

In the race Best fluffed the start having not really having much experience in the Falcon after being in Formula 4 last year dropping him from 3rd to 9th off the line, however Best made his way back up to fourth at the race end.  Smith wasn’t challenged during the race and took the runaway win from Everingham and Jon McCorkindale.

Race One Top 10

1 21 Brad Jones Racing/SCT Logistic Jack Smith (QLD) 1:34.1318
2 27 MW Motorsport Tyler Everingham (NSW) 1:34.6829
3 69 Dial Before You Dig/Mac Motors Jon McCorkindale (NSW) 1:35.2997
4 78 MW Motorsport Zac Best (VIC) 1:35.3656
5 96 Aussie Driver Search/EFS 4×4 A Ryal Harris (QLD) 1:35.7774
6 7 Mocomm Motorsports Communicati Jim Pollicina (NSW) 1:37.3604
7 76 Brownes Chill Garry Hills (WA) 1:37.5250
8 15 Elevated Solutions/Jacob Bell Jacob Bell (VIC) 1:37.2059
9 888 Emery Motorsport/Solair World Geoff Emery (VIC) 1:35.9605
10 9 Neill Motorsport Bradley Neill (QLD) 1:37.4350

Jack Smith was unbeatable in the Kumho V8s – Photo: Darin Mandy

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