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OK so this is very tongue in cheek LOL and its just a bit funny actually, most of you would have seen Darin’s photo of the Super2 Matt Chahda and Nathan Morcom crash, along with a few other Super2 cars after Jack Smith was spun at turn two.  It went pretty much viral on our website and Facebook pages.  Below is our coverage where you get the whole story and next to that is a shot of the same incident on another Motorsport website (they don’t have a glossy magazine like us LOL) where they got half of the story, well photo actually. Hahaha

We love what we do and we have fun doing it and we hope you enjoy what we do, we also get along with the other news media companies around us too – don’t get us wrong we like them 😉 

Just a thank you to everyone who follows Velocity Motorsport Magazine as subscribers, yes just $55 (plus p+h) for an entire 12 months with 6 amazing magazines.

Just a little laugh for your Wednesday – we get the whole story (photo)

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