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MEDIA RELEASE/Brad Jones Racing – Photos: Velocity Magazine

Both Andre Heimgatner and Jaxon Evans have powered into the top ten in practice at the first day of the Taupo Super400.

The two Kiwi drivers finished up 6th and 8th respectively, a positive start for the Brad Jones Racing team.

Evans credits some of the work the team did between the last event and now with the step forward.

The SCT Logistics driver took advantage of one of his Rookie Test days at Queensland Raceway earlier this month.

The run around the paperclip has proved beneficial for both himself and the team as a whole.

While R&J Batteries charger Heimgartner did feel there was more on the table with his qualifying sim run during the 90 minute practice session.

There is work to do still for Macauley Jones and Bryce Fullwood, the pair still have to find their feet at the inaugural Supercars event at the NZ circuit.

Jones in the Wendy’s car and Bryce aboard the Middy’s Electrical Camaro had positive feedback from the circuit and showed moments of speed, but have yet to string it all together.

However they’re confident heading into qualifying tomorrow.

The inaugural Taupo race takes place tomorrow afternoon at 15:05 NZST/13:05 AEST.



Andre Heimgartner
 Supercars driver, #8 R&J Batteries Camaro
“I think it’s hard to know exactly where we will sit. Car felt good, we made some good changes. We just have to see what tomorrow brings and hopefully we’ll make some good changes overnight and and stay up there with everyone but positive first day.”

Bryce Fullwood
Supercars driver, #14 Middy’s Electrical Camaro
“Obviously super excited to be here at a new track in New Zealand. Really cool layout. The deg obviously is quite high, which is exciting I think for races. I think we learned a lot. I think our race cars aren’t too bad. We didn’t quite get our last run in in practice so not really sure where we stand just yet. I think we’re a fair bit better than where it looks like on the on the timesheet. Obviously, Andre and Jaxon were quite fast. But a lot of really good info to look over for tomorrow. Stoked to be here, the crowd are really loving the event and really getting around it and can’t wait to go racing tomorrow.”

Macauley Jones
Supercars driver, #96 Pizza Hut Camaro
“It’s a really cool track a lot of fun. The temperature is beautiful, don’t even need a cool suit so that’s always kind of nice until it rains tomorrow. Track’s really cool it’s a lot of fun it’s very tricky, the change in surfaces really has to make you think and really plan your approach and how you want to set up with kind of tackling different parts of the track where you’re trying to find strengths and weaknesses. But some of them can be the complete opposite corners where you’re strong at or weak at so it’s a lot of fun. The new tyre is a lot better than the older that’s for sure. The deg is pretty high which we sort of expected but I think it’s gonna make really good racing. Just kind of  need to peice a lap together. It’s pretty tricky around here trying to hustle around so I feel like there’s a lot of speed in the car. It’s just trying to piece it all together for me at the moment.”

Jaxon Evans
Supercars driver, #12 SCT Logistics Camaro
“It’s exciting to finally get on track. The 90 minutes almost didn’t feel like enough track time then. Pretty happy with where we rolled the car out of the truck. And a credit to the team for putting in some work in between the Grand Prix and here, things certainly felt better. To finish inside the top 10 in our only practice session is a positive feeling leading into qualifying. Still some things to work on and we still want to be fighting further up, but I think it’s a really positive step forward and can’t wait to go racing tomorrow. ”

Practice 1
6 – Andre Heimgartner, #8 R&J Batteries Camaro
8 – Jaxon Evans, #12 SCT Logistics Camaro
18 – Macauley Jones, #96 Pizza Hut Racing Camaro
22 – Bryce Fullwood, #14 Middy’s Electrical Camaro


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