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MEDIA RELEASE/Brad Jones Racing – Photo: supplied

Brad Jones Racing’s return to the grid has been as seamless as possible, thanks to Acronis and their state of the art cyber protection solutions.

Brad Jones Racing (BJR), the only non-metro Supercar team, is coming back to the grid this weekend – with the full support of its technology partner. Acronis sets the bar high with its innovative cyber protection solutions and assists BJR with all six of the team’s cars across three Supercar tiers.

BJR Engineer Julian Stannard says it’s vital to keep data safe and secure: “We work hard to be self-sufficient with regards to in-house design, manufacturing, and production of all our cars and equipment, and this means we rely on the very best technical partners to provide us with the tools we need,” said Stannard.

“We’re proud to provide the innovative cyber protection solutions and services to BJR, including our recently launched flagship solution, Acronis Cyber Protect. This breakthrough solution equips BJR with fast and reliable backup, AI-based anti-malware and anti-virus protection, and comprehensive endpoint management. It is the only product of its kind on the market to provide complete, integrated cyber protection,” said Neil Morarji, Acronis General Manager in APAC.

Acronis Cyber Protect uniquely delivers all five vectors of cyber protection: Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity, and Security (SAPAS) in a single, simple and efficient solution.

Now, in this changing world, the team is increasingly working from home, and with limited staff being taken to the tracks, they are going to be relying increasingly on Acronis team and their technologies to help adapt to this new normal as quickly as possible. During these difficult times for racing sport, for team’s community and families, it’s good to have Acronis looking out for their digital assets.

“We have around 42 computers and 5 servers at BJR, and Acronis has been integral in keeping everything running smoothly and minimising any downtime. In our industry, we travel a lot and being able to access our data, software and information from anywhere in Australia and overseas is very important. With Acronis, we are able to safely and securely access all our latest vehicle CAD model and wiring diagrams to help our fabricators and mechanics cut, measure, weld, and rebuild half a car on track if need be,” said Stannard. said Stannard.

Whether BJR is home or away – rain, hail or shine, the team is protected thanks to Acronis. With everything backed up in real time, no matter what happens, they can focus on their goal – on winning races.



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