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PRESS RELEASE/TA2 Racing Photo: Matthew Paul

The Performax TA2 Muscle Car Series has teamed up with Australian driver talent program Race Academy International to offer a TA2 drive as the major prize of their maiden competition.

The recently-launched talent discovery program has announced the winner of the ‘ultra’ competition of Race Academy International will be awarded a fully-funded drive in a round of the 2019 TA2 Muscle Car Series.

Race Academy International was founded to provide an opportunity for racers to step up to competitive motor racing without the major cost barrier that prohibits many aspiring drivers, according to program director and production car racer Trevor Mirabito.

Mirabito will be joined by a host of experienced motor racers and technicians on the judging panel, including experienced driver coaches Chris Reeves and Darren Formosa, former Nissan GT Academy finalist Josh Muggleton, Australian Production Car racers Dominic Martens and Matt Thewlis and experienced race team manager Garry Mennell.

The program consists of four levels ranging from the freshman competition at $990 to enter, through to the ultra competition at $2200 to enter.

Entrants will complete two 15-minute scored driving sessions where performance will be scrutinised, assessed and judged. This will be followed by a debrief session with an experienced engineer where a problem-solving task will be scored.

Each driver will also complete an intense media training session with a motorsport journalist.

Other prizes offered in the Race Academy International program include the State Competition (full-season drive in NSW Production Touring Car Series), Club Competition (co-drive in three rounds of the NSW Production Touring Car Endurance Series) and the Freshman Competition (three rounds in the BMW E36 Racing Series), with runner-up prizes also to be awarded.

Race Academy International will debut this year with a sole competition day at Sydney Motorsport Park on March 28.

Additional information including entry details can be found at


Trevor Mirabito (Director – Race Academy International)

“We are thrilled to award the major prize of the inaugural Race Academy International competition a drive in a round of the 2019 Performax TA2 Muscle Car Series.”

“Racing at a professional level is a serious business, and it’s something few racers undertake in their lifetime. Race Academy International is proud to make that opportunity available without the major barrier of costs.”

“Race Academy International will welcome some of the best state and national level racers in the country, who will be judged on a range of abilities throughout the day, including on-track performance, mechanical knowledge and media skills.”

Craig Denyer (TA2 Muscle Car Series Manager)

“We are excited to welcome the winner of the Race Academy International Ultra Competition to a round of the Performax TA2 Muscle Car Series in 2019.” 

“The TA2 Muscle Car Series has continued to expand and truly established itself as a feeder category for racers looking for a step up to professional competition.”

“TA2 provides a high-performance parity racing platform at an affordable cost level, and this gives racers the best chance to showcase their abilities on an equal platform.”

“Passion, commitment and skill will be needed to win the day, and we are looking forward to unearthing real motor racing talent through Race Academy International and the TA2 Muscle Car Series.”


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