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By JOHN MORRIS and DARIN MANDY  – Photos – John Morris

In life there are moments that are easily forgotten and then there are those moments that stay etched in our minds forever. The passing of Peter Brock is one such moment that motorsport fans will never forget, just as we remember that moment at Imola 12 years earlier that Ayrton Senna lost his life.

John Morris: “I was on my work to work when the news broke. Only half listening to the radio I heard portions of the piece but did not grasp the severity of the incident. It was only when I heard others, many with little interest in racing, talk of the accident and Peter’s passing.

That, to me, spoke volumes of Brock’s stature in this country, he truly transcended motorsport. Brock had not just been a driver and a team owner, but a mentor, a spokesman for road safety campaign such as the .05 drink driving program, Olympic Games ambassador and television personality. His life has been documented in numerous books and even through, a slightly cringe worthy, television series”.

Darin Mandy: “I was in IT in those days and was at a clients site in Wallace Bishop Jewellers head office Brisbane with the CFO when Stuart Bishop the owner and drag racer came into the board room and told us, we were all stunned, how could that happen.  Just 4 days earlier Steve Irwin had died, I saw them both as “untouchables” and really found it hard to believe, I had only recently meet Brocky up on the mountain”.

Today take a moment or two to think back on your memories of Brock; the driver sliding and lifting wheels on his Torana or Commodore as he attacked the Mountain once more, the personality who always had time for his fans and the role model who spurred countless youngsters to dream. 

“Live your dreams”

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