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Rumours are going around the pit paddock here at Queensland Raceway that this weekend the SuperUte field have an ultimatum to effectively “make it better”.  We have heard rumblings both from inside the category and of course from the vocal mumbling of the general public.

The newest race category in Australia has struggled to build a following from the race fan, and struggled even more to attract new entries, the series started with just under a dozen utes and still sits at that level.  The Turbo Diesel engined utes lack the power to make them ultra exciting like the previous V8 Utes did.

We have heard from more then one source that this weekend there is a meeting to discuss the power plants going forward.  One thing we have heard is the consideration of a one make V8 engine for all models.  The problem for the class is that are damned if they do or don’t. 

If they do it will be a god send for the class, it would undoubtedly attract many more entries to the field.  But on the other hand and its a biggy is the loss of support from the manufacturers which is why they went down this track.  It would most likely rub the manufacturers up the wrong way and they’d cease to support the category.

We will keep you posted if we hear more.

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  1. It’s not the competitors fault. It’s not the car owners fault. It’s not the teams fault.
    Supercars who are the category managers of this series are at fault.
    They are the ones who have tried to develop a series, & turn what is a very average in terms of vehicle dynamics platform into a racecar whilst on the main stage of Australian Motorsport.
    How are those involved going to get anything but negative feedback when you are trying to develop a mixed brands & performance. It is all well & good to want to reflect what the marketplace is buying to make relevant racecars, but the base platform of every production car based racecar I can think of has always been a capable sporty chassis to start with. These Superutes are work trucks, & the category they replaced were not, they were 2 door sports cars with a big carrying capacity.
    Why are we trying to find market relevance in categories anyway, it is not like the old days of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”? I really hope that all involved have a good hard look who is really at fault here, & take some responsibility. It is no point making the competitors responsible for a management issue.
    I can guarantee you that everyone of those competitors that are pulling their helmets on are doing their very best to put on the best show they can.

  2. Not sure what the answer is but did we really need this category at all? It also appears that the cars are inherently very unstable and cars regularly rolling over does not present a good image of motorsport in general. Perhaps with a bit more power ( turbo petrol engines from the same manufacturers?) and lower the cars (a lot) . Lack of cars is not a concern, F4 puts on a good ,fast show with about the same number of cars.

  3. Well any race fan with half a brain could see from the inception that these heaps of rubbish would never make it work. ! ..
    Too fat, too heavy, too SLOW, & the propensity to roll over in a slide. Who thought this crap up ? Obviously some beauracratic clowns who had been to higher education at university & knew more than the rest of us punters who knew it would NEVER WORK from the start.
    It ain’t gunna get better…scrap it now, and bring out the LOCAL CLUB CARS !

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