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ON THURSDAY we had the privilege to take a track tour on the back of the official Formula 1 Experience semi trailer trucks, it gave us a great insight into the Paul Ricard circuit.  Its been ten years since there has been a French Grand Prix which is interesting in itself seen as the words Grand Prix are french and mean Grand Prize, also the first ever automobile race in the late 1800’s was run in France.

Furthermore its not since the late 1990’s that the Formula 1 circus has been to the Paul Ricard track.  It has undergone quite a transformation since then, its has been fully resealed with some widening in parts and the pit lane has been transformed to house the 20 F1 cars with a wider pit lane as well.

It still has the amazing characteristics of the old circuit with the colourful painted lines in all of the run off area’s, its a bit of a photographers delight really, this does make up for the lack of elevation of the track, which again is a bit strange seen as the track is actually on the top of a mountain range, some 400+ metres above sea level.

Formula 1
The track has been re-sealed but still features the Blue and Red Markings – Photo: Linda Mandy


We also learn’t on the tour that the track has the capability to run two separate tracks at the same time, plus can home 160 different layouts.

And lastly, as we did the tour a few of the F1 teams were also doing their track walks, including Fernando Alonso as pictured above, fresh from his Le Mans 24hr win last weekend.

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