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The British Grand Prix may well signal ‘D’ Day in the endless barrage of 2025 Formula One driver stories has become somewhat tedious to say the least.

Daniel Ricciardo’s resurgence, demise and now a possible return to the Oracle Red Bull team has one scratching away furiously at those already frayed hair follicles at the base of the skull.

Liam Lawson deserves the Visa Cash App RB drive, Helmut Marko reportedly states he should have the drive, then Lawson is reported to be in talks with Audi if he doesn’t get a drive soon.

Carlos Sainz has stalled on making a call on his future, with a Kick Sauber/Audi and Williams offer already on the table. Williams have supposedly tired at Sainz’s indecision and are rumoured to be considering withdrawing their offer.

They may look to Ricciardo for 2025, should Lawson get his way.

That’s if Daniel doesn’t go back to the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team after all!

Then you Mercedes AMG Petronas F1, who have all but signed Andrea Kimi Antonelli to a multi- year deal to drive for the team from 2025.

That drive might not necessarily be with the Silver Arrows team for the immediate future, but in an ‘apprenticeship’ of sorts at Williams.

You know, the same kind of apprenticeship that Renault/Alpine were supposedly going to do with Oscar Piastri.

Except they didn’t….

It’s a reminder to always check the signatures and the fine print on the contract.

Haas, Alpine, Williams, Kick Sauber/Audi, Visa Cash APP RB and Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 have yet to confirm their second seat for 2025.

With Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and Oracle Red Bull Racing seats taken, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 looks like the best option for Sainz. That’s of course should he actually be in a position to pick and choose.

One wonders if Sainz might find himself in a bit of a pickle if rumours of William’s frustrations are close to the mark. He may well find that time is no friend in holding out for the best possible option.

A spot on the grid in 2025 is better than no place at all, right?


Of interest is the performances of Yuki Tsunoda and Sergio Perez since signing new deals with the various Red Bull entities.

Tsunoda has suddenly found Ricciardo much closer, and more often ahead, in the races since. Whilst Sergio Perez has fallen to fifth in the championship standings with half the points of teammate Verstappen.

Having beaten his Australian teammate across the opening eight races of the season, the tables have turned for Tsunoda across the past three races.

While it was largely believed that Perez was safe for 2025 with the ink on his new contract still drying, there are now reports of performance clauses that can lead to a sudden departure for the Mexican.

As that came to light, Perez outpaced Verstappen in FP2 at the British Grand Prix.

What might shed light on the eventual process is to look at those teams already committed to their 2025 driver line-up.

Each team boasts a blend; a balance between the exuberance of youth and the mindset of experience;  Alonso – Stroll, Norris-Piastri and Leclerc-Hamilton fit the template.

Gasly at Alpine, Russell at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 and Albon at Williams have that blend of experience and maturity to lead the team, but what of Tsunoda?

His off in Canada, FP1 spin at Silverstone and derogatory remarks in Austria, suggest that Yuki is perhaps not yet ready for the step up to a team leader role at Visa Cash App RB. The recent problems with the team’s upgrades at the Spanish Grand Prix also highlight the need for an experienced head to lead both the team and Tsunoda forward.

Is that the environment in which Liam Lawson, Yuki Tsunoda and Visa Cash App RB would excel?

Then there are those other current drivers with no deal for 2025; Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon and Guanyu Zhou. While Bottas has a proven winning record and Ocon has one GP victory to his credit, while Zhou has around 1.4 billion supporters and a sponsor budget to match.

So we really are no clearer on where this game of F1 musical chairs might end.

The British Grand Prix may well prove to be ‘D’ day for many unanswered questions with the summer break to follow.

I’m sure we’ll hear more soon, lots more…stay tuned.


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